Lena Heino

English language assistant 2023-2024

As my time as a language assistant comes to a close, I am filled with gratitude for my experience here at EOI Jerez. Coming into the Language Assistant role with little  prior experience in teaching English, I had my reservations in the beginning. During my first presentation, I stood wobbly kneed less than ready to begin my first presentation. However, it is with the warm community, welcoming students and curious minds, I am honored to say as time moved forward, I began to look forward to my classes, awaiting certain faces and conversations. Now, I can only look back with fond memories and forever gratitude. 

Learning a new language is no easy feat and comes with many challenges as well as rewards. I find it all the more worthwhile watching students move through challenges, seek reward and master English. Thank you to all students, teachers and staff for making my experience one of such great joy, I am forever grateful.

Jordan Kwok

English language assistant 2022-2023

I very much enjoyed my time as an Auxiliary at the EOI of Jerez. Before moving to Jerez, I was very nervous not knowing what to expect but the caring and supportive teachers and the curious and eager students made my transition much easier. Unlike other schools, the students here come from a broad age range and backgrounds which allowed me to have more mature conversations  that encouraged new ideas within the students while improving their English speaking and comprehension skills. Through these conversations I was able to create deeper connections with the students and gain a better knowledge of the culture in Spain. Thank you EOI of Jerez for a great school year and this learning experience. 

About Jerez
In Jerez, you are never bored. There is always something to look forward to through the year. Whether it’s the more traditional festivities such as Zambomba and Reyes Magos during Christmas time or a special interest gathering such as the Motorcycle Grand Prix and the Jerez’s Science Fair, these unique events separate Jerez from other Andalusian cities. Also, given Jerez’s prime location, you can see anything within a hour minute train ride — from the oceans in Cadiz and the bustling city life in Sevilla.

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